Hi, I`m Jasmin
a professional user experience and interface designer.

I’ve been designing digital experiences for 12 years across a variety of industries.

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Make things better.

The focus is the end user.

For me, as a professional and passionated user experience designer, it is important to focus on the interaction between real human users (like you and me) and everyday products and services. It’s an extremely varied discipline, combining aspects of psychology, business, market research, design, and technology. As you can see, User experience designers are expected to wear many different hats!

UX is a discipline.

Iteration. Iteration. Iteration.

Keep in mind that UX is not a one way project and at the end there is something done. UX is a discipline. As a UX designer I spend my attention always to make things better and listen to the user needs. There are several rules that I personally follow in my workflow.
• UX is not only UI
• Do I really know the audience?
• I am not the user! I am evaluating data from real users
• Design adjustments for a short attention
• A protoype is a must before a real implementation will start
• Real content is king
• Keep things simple and consitant
• Usable and aestical design
• Solving problems step by step
• Give users feedback - What happend on the product

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Each project has a different design process. Let`s start with yours!

Work Collection

Track & Trace Portal Design

ABB Turbo charging App Design

Wolf & Müller E-Commerce App

Coca Cola Coupon App Design

Customer who trust in my work

Individual Postcards

Typography is art and my passion.

I´d love to say that I am a typography nerd and a handlettering artist. It is a balance to know all the techniques and the feeling which right font go together well. With Handlettering there is a chance to bring the most personality inside a message as ever a fontface can be. This is the oldest art to illustrate a message to the audience. For me typography and handlettering is a technique to atempt a good design.

Individual Postcards

Custom Clothing

Individual Accessoires

Experimental Handlettering Techniques

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